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Neoclassical Charts  -- Click here to access

A picture is worth a thousand words. The Neo TA charts offer a ready to use charting service that identifies and visually maps all the neoclassical concepts onto the chart on all three time frames. If you want to know the trend of a stock, you will find it here. How about where buyers and sellers are most likely to show up? It's on the chart and revised daily to map the evolving landscape.

Neo TA goes where other charting services dare to venture - into the neoclassical world and exposes those key concepts visually.

For more detailed help, see

TA Charts - Legend and Explanation

TA Charts - Video Help

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Watch Lists  -- Click here to access

Neo TA watch lists are the integration piece in the Neo TA tool set. They provide you with a convenient way to manage lists of symbols you want to watch. The ability to add notes and more importantly to instantly examine your stock symbol charts on all three time frames along with the trading cube representation make Neo TA watch lists rather unique.

At Neo TA, all the tools are integrated together using watch lists and as such, watch lists can be thought of as the glue that ties all of the tools together.

For more detailed help, see

Watch Lists Video

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Trading Signals  -- Click here to access

Every day we analyze all the stocks in our database to generate daily trading signals for entry and exit (both long and short sells). Trading Signals implement the checklist criterion concept L.A. wrote about in his book Trend Trading Set-Ups. Essentially, there are certain criterion that, when enough are met, increase the odds dramatically that the trade will be successful.

Trading signals software scans our universe of stocks, sectors, indexes and ETFs/ETNs looking for actionable trading setups based on the principles espoused by L.A. Little.

These trading signals are then provided to you and thus is a powerful tool in our neoclassical tool set.

For more detailed help, see

Trading Signals Video

Trading Signals Criteria

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Stock Monitor  -- Click here to access

The Stock Monitoring tool provides you with the ability to examine any watch list you maintain for any breakout or retrace or potential breakout or retrace. As explained in the L.A.’s book Trend Trading Set-Ups, there are only two types of trades - breakouts and retraces. The Stock Monitor tool alerts you any time a stock in nearing a critical breakout or retrace area or actually breaks out or retraces so that you might enter or add a position or take profits on an existing one. Being able to time your entry and exit is a large part of the battle in trading. With Neo TA we have simplified the process substantially removing the need to constantly set and update alerts with your broker. Let stock monitor do the heavy work for you.

Essentially, Stock Monitor does the same thing as Trading Signals except, it does not require that the stock meets 80% of the criterion to alarm you but instead alarms any time any trading signal matches. In this way it is much more granular and you will seldom be surprised anymore about a stock breaking out or retracing.

For more detailed help, see

Stock Monitor Help

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Trading Cube  -- Click here to access

The Trading Cube was developed by L.A. to address the need for a snapshot view of all the major influences on a particular stock. The Trading Cube presents the qualified trend for a stock, the stock sector and the general market across three time frames. All the major influences on a stocks performance are presented as part of the snapshot including the trend transitions table as well as anchored support and resistance zones for the stock and some key fundamental data.

For more detailed help, see

Trading Cube and MTTF

Trading Cube Details

Trading Cube Video

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Trading Cube Scanner  -- Click here to access

The Trading Cube Scanner provides the ability to scan for stocks that have a particular qualified trend type across one or more time frames that is further filter by how mature the trend is or isn't (MTTF). The scanner was developed to identify both mature and in mature qualified trends that could be beneficial at various times during a stock market cycle.

For more detailed help, see

Trading Cube Scanner - What is It?

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Sector Trends  -- Click here to access

The sector trends tool allows you fast and easy ways to drill down to discover individual stocks that are closely related to the one you are analyzing. It is also valuable when determining the relative strength or weakness of a stock to its peers as well as strength or weakness in one sector or industry group as compared to others.

For more detailed help, see

Sector Trends - What are They?

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Ticker Search

Ticker search is a convenience tool for finding stock symbols when using the Trading Cube and the Charting tools. The way it works is that once 3 or more characters are entered, any matching symbol or company name will appear in a drop down box which you can click on to select. You can either select for the drop down box or continue entering symbols which will continually narrow the list of match possibilities.


User Preferences  -- Click here to access

User preferences provides you with the ability to modify certain user preferences to tailor the site more to your liking. For example you can change trading cube and charting colors, window coordinates for your pop up charts and which regional markets you wish to see trading signals for.

The short video below describes how that is done and how you can do so if desired.

User Preferences Help?

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